The music of the Film Ae Gham-e-Dil Kyar karun is the most attractive part which comprises the lost era of the music and the rebirth of the same. There are all together 12 songs in the film which has been purified with the collection of beautiful lyrics, and the best part is that each song reflects its own beauty with the sweetness of lyrics and the perfection of singing deeply indulge into the forum of a beautiful composition. The music director of the film is Talat Aziz. This name itself reflects the story behind the blended music, which has been soothing the hearts for years.


Eight (8) songs of the film are sung by Talat Aziz himself that are as follows:

  1. Husn ko Behijab Hona tha, Shauq ko Kamyab Hona tha

This song can be said as the new romantic anthem, which takes you to another level of beautification of your love. A perfect romantic number by Talat Aziz.

  1. Kuch Tujhko Khabar hai hum kiya kiya

This is another beautiful number by Talat Aziz which will take your heart away.


  1. Taskeen – e- dil mehzu na hui

One of the finest songs in the film. A mix of love and tears with lost memories and present happenings.

  1. Barbad Ae Tamana par atab aur zyada

A sad melancholy, which is sung by Talat Aziz that will fill your heart with the emotions and dry tears of love and distance.

  1. Dekhna jazbe mohabbat ka asar aaj ki raat

Melodious song which reminds you of the lost music in Indian Cinema. This is a party theme song again sung by Talat Aziz at his best.

  1. Saneha

A very different number that is dedicated to the death of Mahatma Gandhi. A Soulful sad number, which will bring tears in your eyes when you know the reality of our world and the freedom through the song. It is the story told in few minutes with a classic voice of Talat Aziz. This song can bring a new beginning to the chapter of freedom struggle.

  1. Yeh mera chaman hai mera chaman

This is a beautiful composition, which is also famous all over the world as it is the anthem of Aligarh University, which has been portrayed, in a different style bringing the real and new flavor sung by Talat Aziz.

  1. Ae gham-e-Dil Kya Karun

The theme song of the film, which reflects different shades of life. The composition and singing of Talat Aziz will take you to another level of music.

Note: The above where the 8 songs sung by Talat Aziz.

  1. Sufiana

The opening song of the film. The best sufi flavor anyone could get with the voice of one of the most versatile and best singer Sonu Nigam. It has been sung amazingly and will get you Goosebumps.

  1. Shadiana

The song shadiana will be heard in every marriage of today and tomorrow. A very homely song with such a refreshing flavor of the happiness in a retro style. A soothing music which will compel your legs to shake on it.

  1. Bol are O Dharti Bol

Another Revolutionary song, which will fill in extra force in the young and old blood. A freedom song that depicts the state of our country. It will definitely want you to take a step forward and bring in the county love within you. It is sung by Indian idol and Saregamapa winners in an amazing composition of Talat Aziz. This song can also be a new anthem for today.

  1. Kuch Tujhko Khabar ( Mujra )

This is sung in a beautiful voice of Alka Yagnik. It will bring you the freshness with the classic era of music. After a long period this kind of Mujra is being presented.


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