Rits Badiani, an actress who is not only talented but also a very beautiful teenage girl, is now going to be a food reviewer. I think it would be interesting that an actress would be a food reviewer as she has already won a million of hearts with her stunning beauty and critical talent.  Rits Badiani is all set to her new venture as a food reviewer.

This teen actress Rits Badiani is a Rockstar must say! After proving her acting skills in several ads and movies that she has done, she is now all ready with her new venture as a food reviewer. We’ve all seen her rocking Instagram with her charisma as Rits Badiani and now with her amazing food reviewing skills as “Rits The Taster”. Yes! You heard it right, a new food reviewer in Town as RITS THE TASTER. Must say, what a delicious combination of an actor a  Food Reviewer. We wish her good luck and congratulate her for her new venture, Rits The Taster.

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