A SONG “DIL TOOT GAYA” Is becoming so famous among youngsters in India and abroad. This song is composed by a very famous and young talented Music director Jaan Nissar Lone.

Lyrics of this song “ Dil Toot Gaya” is written by Sahil Fatehpuri And Sung By a very popular singer Kamal Khan who got popularity by a song (“ISHQ SUFIYAANA” from Film Dirty Picture).

Creative Director Of The Song Jaan Nissar Lone has tried his best to showcase the beautiful location of mumbai where in Ajay Gosalia Motion Picture’s (AGMP) and AR Motions Picture’s have produced  this beautiful soul touching song “Dil Toot Gaya”

This song was launched in Mumbai on 25th May 2018 where in most of the Bollywood film and TV celebrities were present & Many singers and Composers were also present at the launch venue.

Very renowned Director,Producer, now actor Rahul Bhatt (Dasdev fame) was also present at the launch to discuss the magic of kashmiri folk music  revived by Jaan Nissar Lone.

Jaan Nissar Lone has done so many songs in kashmiri and Hindi language under his music company/Banner  “AR MUSIC STUDIO’S) which includes songs as follows

  1. PEER MYANIO by Sniti Mishra

2.JUGNI by Jaan Nissar Lone

3.NENA HUVE BAWRE by Rani Hazarika

  1. NUNDBAANE by RANI Hazarika

5.KHODAYA by Jaan Nissar Lone and Sniti Mishra

and the recent release was “DIL TOOT GAYA” by Kamal khan

Now from 20th June 2018 Jaan Nissar Lone (ARMP) along with Ajay Gosalia (AGMP) are shooting independent Music album of six songs in Kashmir, they concluded by saying they will be featuring  all new talented singers and actors in their future endeavours.

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