Today, renowned Bollywood and Television actor Rajeev Khandelwal  launched a book titled ‘Magical Oil Recipes’ in Mumbai. The book is written by the very talented Issha Mehta.

Issha says that she feels great that Rajeev has come to launch her book since he doesn’t believe in magic. She said, “Rajeev and I know each other from 15 Years now. He has always been a part of my journey. Knowing him, he doesn’t believe in magic and he founds this all hocus pocus. But still he has come to support me, so it’s just great.”

Speaking about Issha’s book, Rajeev said, “I don’t really trust all these things but I trust Issha, I know her from last 15 years. She is very hardworking and a dedicated girl. I have seen her in every phase of life, her struggles. She has tried a lot of things. I’m sure whatever she is going is genuine. All of us use oils and I wasn’t aware that there’s a story/ science behind the oils too and it has some impact on us. I really hope that people should read Issha’s book and it becomes successful.”


“I haven’t yet read the book, but I will read it soon. I have read the synopsis of it and I think whoever believes in this, it (book) will be helpful to them,” added Rajeev.

The book is basically magic oils, generally called conjure oils is a blend of essential oil with a carrier or a base oil to create a specific outcome. The author has worked with these aromas for a decade now and the recipe sold in the bottles had never given a client reason to complain many have got married, earned riches and success stories are uncountable! Hence decide to pen down these formulas to help mass in helping themselves with these basic skills.

Issha loves what she is currently doing and wants to help people by empowering them to create a greater change which they always tried looking for outside but never found as it always was within.

The book is now available online and across all leading book stores.

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