The event “BHAVVANDAN” specially organized for senior citizens by RAFSCD at Shriji Gaushala, Rajkot(Gujarat) on 21st June 2018. In the event, approx. 1550 elders participated scheduling full day of joyful programs. RAAS GARBA, various kinds of GAMES, Comedy show, Magic shaw etc. in which most of the elders involved and enjoyed the whole program. To give the dignity to the elders, all elders were invited by providing them a comfortable to and fro travel, they were welcomed by giving them traditional musical theme. Easy digestive food with breakfast and tea was catered in the event. Volunteers support throughout the day.

At the end of the event, all the participants very much enjoyed the program and forget their depressions and loneliness for a day, this will help them to create motivational atmosphere to live life positively.   The chief guest of this programme was the chairman of Rizwan Adatia Foundation, Mr Rizwan Adatia.He enlighted flowers of happiness in the programme. He motivated the people through his speech.



During the event, yoga day celebration was clubbed and planned yoga session with all seniors.

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