In her native language, the name ‘Kiran’ denotes a meaning of both power and strength. Thus, this reflects her personality as well as in the way that she conducts herself on a daily basis.

Being a multitalented individual, Kiran is a successful entrepreneur, fashion icon, stylist, nutritionist, and a model.

Amongst her inner circle, Kiran is extremely well-known for her dedication towards fitness and nutritional management. Furthermore, Kiran also commonly practices yoga and follows a well-planned fitness regime. Therefore, she has become a role model for many people living in and outside of her community.

Kiran’s continuous dedication towards health and fitness had manifested into an interest towards studying nutrition. As a result, she graduated in ‘Human Nutrition’ and ‘Nutrition & Dietetics’ from Harvard University and Oxford College London respectively. Additionally, Kiran is also a certified nutritionist in Hong Kong. In her pursuit to help others, Kiran also launched her nutrition company called ‘Nutri-Veda’ as well as a healthy lifestyle program called ‘My Five’.


Kiran has also always been interested in the fashion world from a young age. As a teenager, she participated in a fashion show in her hometown of Bhopal and was even later selected to take part in the 1995 edition of the Mrs. India competition. However, she was unable to participate in the event due to personal reasons. Kiran also considers her family to be her biggest supporters with her parents always willing her on to take part in such competitions. They believed that such competitions would only help enable her to learn and experience new things that would greatly benefit her moving forward in the future.

During her early years in Hong Kong, she began working as an operations manager for four years with American fashion house, Calvin Klein. Subsequently, she moved onto working as both a distribution manager for Asia Pacific region and a fitting model with Italian retail clothing company, Diesel. It was this experience working as a fitting model where Kiran truly realized her passion to work in the fashion industry. As a result, she decided to launch her first fashion label known as ‘ASH’ that produces formal wear for customers around the world.

Kiran continued to grow from strength to strength following the launch of her first fashion label. She later took part and won the ‘Mrs. India Universe Central’ and ‘Mrs. India Universe Fabulous’ 2017 titles. Thus, she had realized her lifelong dream of becoming a well-recognized figure. However, her recent achievement has been most noteworthy as she recently won the prestigious ‘Archerz Mrs. India 2018’ and the best catwalk accolades. Kiran considers her ‘Archerz Mrs. India’ experience to be like life coming a full circle following being unable to participate in a Mrs. India competition in 1995 and states that her most recent experience was an adventure ride from start to finish.

Apart from her contribution to the fashion world, Kiran is also a philanthropist. This is evident in her charity work and her willingness to always give back to society. For instance, Kiran started an initiative in the form of a free health program for young children that provides short informative videos and workshops. In addition, Kiran has even performed and acted in stage plays that help raise funds for the poor and underprivileged.

Finally, Kiran recently stated following her recent win at the Archerz Mrs. India competition on her website that “In each and every phase, I have faced many challenges and seen many changes, but the only thing which constantly remained unchanged at all times is my passion, dedication, determination, and confidence. I want to set an example for my kids that age is not a barrier, and everything can be achieved if you remain determined”. Thus, this goes to show the journey and hardships that Kiran has gone through her journey in the fashion world.

In the near future, Kiran will be representing the Southeast Asian region at the Mrs. Universe competition that is currently being scheduled to be held on December 2018 in Manila, Philippines.

We wish her all the very best for all future endeavors.

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